Here are some facts about your cat  you may find useful or rather interesting:


  • While you may think your cat is narcoleptic, it’s natural for them to spend a lot of time napping.  The average cat spends roughly 2/3 of its life sleeping.
  • Cats are CLEAN – probably cleaner than you.  They spend 1/3 of their “awake time” grooming
  • The primary use of a cat’s whiskers is to determine if he or she can fit through an opening
  • Cats eyes are so large, cats can’t focus on anything less than a foot in front of them — but their whiskers can swing forward to feel what they can’t clearly see
  • Territory is the most important thing in a cat's life and if something disrupts their territory they will feel extremely threatened which will often present itself in unwanted behaviour traits.
  • When cats are relaxed and secure they leave themselves happy scent messages for self assurance by rubbing their face on the edges of furniture all round the home
  • Sharing territory with another cat can be extremely stressful
  • Cats respond well to routine and predictability. This reduces stress and improves the cats quality of life.
  • Often owners are keen to purchase a kitten rather than a adult cat because they believe they can mould a kitten into the type of cat they would like to own, however a kitten will always possess the genetic traits of it's parents no matter how much social exposure it receives during its first year.
  • When a kitten kneads it is a behaviour that is intended to stimulate the release of milk when  feeding from the queen and as the kitten is weaned off the mother the kneading action would naturally disappear. However owners encourage kneading by stroking and talking to the kitten which is why the kitten will continue to knead their front paws when stroked all the way through their adult life.
  • Cat are reluctant to drink from it's water bowl if its placed next to the food bowl.  The problem comes from the cat's instincts.  A wild cat will never drink water from a source if it's near its freshly killed prey. The cat's instincts say that the water could be contaminated by the dead prey!
  • Cats are lactose intolerant so should never be given human dairy products.

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