I am looking for someone to assist my growing cat feeding business based in Walton on Thames and surrounding areas. 


If you have a real love for cats, have many years experience caring for them, you may be just what I am looking for to help with my cat feeding business. This would be a part time job where you can be very busy at weekends and holidays but they may not be any work at other times of the year. Hopefully, as we get more widely known we will be busy all year round. 


I need my assistant to be able to visit each new client I give her, to go through the owner's requirement, cat's routine and for the client to get to know you.


The requirements I have are as follows:

  • You must have excellent presentation and communication skills

  • You must be a genuine cat lover, be reliable, honest and trustworthy

  • You must have a reasonable level of fitness and be in good health, versatile and be able to cope in an emergency. 

  • You need to have access to email and have a mobile phone so your client and I can contact you. 

  • Car is essential 

  • You will need to provide a current Police background check - I can show you how to apply for this if necessary

  • I can recommend a good insurance company that charges approximately £80 per year. 

You will be required to go to the clients’ house and feed, water, groom, clear/change litter, and play with the pet for a period of no less than 15 minutes, either once or twice a day. You may also need to perform light domestic duties such as mail collection, fish feeding, watering house plants, turning on/off lights, and pulling curtains and blinds. You are expected to keep the client’s property as clean and tidy as when they left it.

Please email me on christinacomley@hotmail if you are interested and we can meet for an informal chat. Or call me on 07932 141947